07 June 2010

John F. Powell, a Biographical Sketch

From Memoirs of Georgia, Volume II by The Southern Historical Association, 1895.
Transcribed by S. Lincecum 2004.

John F. POWELL, physician and surgeon, Kramer, Wilcox Co., Ga., is one of the younger physicians of the county, and is a native of one of the most beautiful cities in the south, having been born in Atlanta, Ga., April 14, 1859. His father, Frank E. Powell, was a very skillful mechanic of that city, a machinist. He was a master of his trade, a kind and indulgent father, and an intelligent gentleman. He died in 1864. Dr. Powell received a good grammar school education in the excellent schools of his native city, sufficient for him to enter one of the professions. He chose that of medicine, and with that end in view he entered the Southern Medical college in 1884. Two years later he graduated from this institution with honor. He then spent a short period in Atlanta, after which he went to Gresston, and took charge of the medical department of the Gress Lumber company's camps. For nearly four years he remained here, until the camps were removed to Kramer, where he began practice there. He was appointed physician to the state wards here, and fills the position most faithfully at all times. Dr. Powell was the first physician to separate the white convicts from the black, and his camp had them separated long before the law prohibiting their confinement together was enacted. In 1887, at Eastman, Miss Lula F. Sapp became his wife. She is the granddaughter of Dr. David Sapp of that place, and a niece of Dr. Buchan, late representative of Dodge county. To this marriage have been born two children - both boys, and of the sturdiest kind - the elder born in 1891 and the younger child of seven months, named respectively John and Charles F. A member of the Medical association, and a physician of much sound sense and practical knowledge, he is one of the few to merit the good will and kind regard of friends, neighbors and patrons. He ranks high as a surgeon and enjoys a large practice in both branches in the country surrounding Kramer.

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