07 March 2013

The Speedy Marriage of Dr. Beasley & Miss Pope

This cute story from Georgia was picked up by Ohio and Illinois newspapers:

A Speedy Marriage.
[Atlanta Correspondence Augusta Chronicle.]
A nice little matrimonial adventure occurred yesterday, which, for novelty, is without precedent for many years past, as the parties to it were a gentleman and lady of culture, distinction, and belonging to fashionable society. Yesterday, at Grantville, Mr. Frank Perryman of this city, was married to Miss Alice Norwood of the former place. Among the attendants were Dr. Beasley, of Lagrange, and Miss Lucy Pope, of Washington, Georgia, a young lady well known throughout Upper and Middle Georgia. Dr. Beasley had met Miss Pope only two weeks before yesterday, but within that period, it seems, had formed quite an attachment for her, as the sequel will show. Reaching Grantville a few hours before the marriage, he sought Miss Pope, and, without unnecessary delay, offered himself in marriage, and was accepted, without unnecessary ceremony. The next question was when they would be married. The minister and friends being present, they quickly agreed that they would be married the same day with Mr. Perryman and Miss Norwood by the same minister. Dr. Beasley hastened off on a passing train for a marriage license. Returning shortly, he took his stand with Miss Pope in the company of attendants, and they acted their parts as groomsman and bridesmaid during the marriage ceremony of Mr. Perryman and Miss Norwood. The moment the ceremony was concluded they stepped forward together, presented to the astonished minister their marriage license, and requested to be married, and were immediately joined in the holy bonds of wedlock in the presence of the wondering company. [Cincinnati Daily Times (Ohio), 4 November 1875, pg. 1 -- Viewed online at GenealogyBank.]

Image credit:  VintageKin.com.

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