20 November 2010

Three Women Ask Divorce

Another interesting old newspaper article -

Macon Telegraph, Bibb County, Georgia
6 September 1919
(Viewed online at GenealogyBank.)


Mrs. Laura Shaw Alleges Husband Sold Her Chickens and Bought Booze.

In one among three divorce petitions filed in the Superior Court yesterday, all by wives, one woman charges her husband with stealing her chickens. Mrs. Laura Shaw alleges that Adolphus Shaw, after stealing the chickens, bought whisky with the proceeds. The petition says that Mrs. Shaw stood for this, but that when, in December, 1916, she sold her cow and he threatened to shoot her if she didn't give him the money to buy more whisky, she rebelled. Later, the petition sets out, Shaw took all of his wife's belongings and left for Cuba.

The couple were married in Hart county in July, 1919. There is one boy, aged seven. Attorney Hubert Rawls represents Mrs. Shaw.

Mrs. Mattie Dukes filed petition against Frank Dukes, charging that he treated her cruelly, and on September 6, 1914, he joined a carnival company in Macon and left for some point north. She is represented by Attorney Hubert Rawls.

Mrs. Bessie C. Stone asks legal separation from LeRoy Stone, alleging that he cursed, abused and beat her with his fists on August 20 and 25. The couple were married in Macon on April 8, 1919, and separated last month. Mrs. Stone asks that her maiden name, Miss Susie Clements, be restored. She is represented by Attorney J. C. Estes.

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