28 July 2010

Bellview Holiness Church

Bellview Holiness Church is located in Pulaski County, Georgia. About five years ago, Virginia Nobles Koons provided some information about the church, as well as photos of longstanding members who descended from the founder.

"Bellview Holiness Church was established by my great-grandfather, George Washington Irving Nobles. He donated the land and built the church. He was a minister and is listed as performing many of the marriages in the county at that time. He lived in the Whitfield District, near Bellview, which was a Hardshell Baptist Church at that time. The denomination has changed several times. My grandfather, John Washington Irving Nobles was the church clerk for many years. My father and his siblings and cousins were all raised attending the church. It was a Holiness Baptist Church during my childhood, when my grandmother, Ida Mae Akins Nobles was still living and a member of the church. There was an article in the Hawkinsville Dispatch many years ago about my father's aging cousins who were still members of the church, all of them are now deceased. They were Stella Arnold, Ida Mae Moore, and Jewell Bridges, all daughters of Nancy Nobles Conner."

John Washington Irving Nobles, son of Sarah Jane Howell
& George Washington Irving Nobles, founder of Bellview

Ida Mae Akins Nobles, wife of John W. Nobles

Martha Nobles Coody, Gene Neumans (deceased), Jake
Nobles (hiding), Johnnie Nobles Moore abt 1991 at Bellview
Homecoming.  Martha, Jake, & Johnnie are children of John
Washington Irving Nobles & Ida Me Akins.

Jake W. Nobles

Rev. Clarence Howell Neumans also grew up attending the Bellview
Church.  His parents were Zachariah Neumans & Georgia Nobles.  Georgia
was the daughter of the founder of the church and first pastor, Rev. George
W. Nobles & the sister of John W. Nobles, who was the church clerk.  He's
on the left.  The gentleman on the right is James "Red" Black.

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