22 July 2010

A Near-Homicide in Berrien County (1929)

I'm somewhat of a collector of old crime articles in addition to my obituary obsession...

The Clinch County News (Homerville, Georgia)
4 January 1929
(Viewed online at World Vital Records.)

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...Over in Berrien county last week occurred a near-homicide originating from a broken romance. Randall Metts, 21, was shot from ambush by his rejected sweetheart, Miss Della M. Rayfield, age 19. She went on home and her mother twice took guns away from her as she was about to kill herself. The sheriff placed her in jail, and doctors say that Metts has even chance to recover. The two bullets lodged in his back. Miss Rayfield declared in jail that "I would be the happiest woman in the world if I could be Randall's wife," while Metts lying dangerously wounded indicated a willingness to forgive.

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