26 March 2013

Letters of Recommendation for Sgt. Edward J. Granniss

(A day late for "Amanuensis Monday!")

From Maj. Alex M. Speer, of the 46th Georgia Regiment. Dated 26 March 1862, recommending appointment of Sergeant E. J. Granniss:
Via Fold3.
Macon, Geo. 26 March 62
Hon R. P. Trippe
Dear Sir -
As you are aware, probably the 2d Georgia Battalion (Majr Hardeman) will soon go out of service, and I deem it not inappropriate, as I enter the service again to speak of some of those with whom I have been associated for the past eleven months.

I learn there are some vacancies here among the commissioned officers of the 1st Geo. Regulars, and it may be there are other positions to which those worthy & competent might be assigned by our Govt, to the advantage of the service.

In view of this, I most earnestly recommend for a commission Sergeant Edward J. Granniss of Company D, of the 2d Georgia Batt. Sergeant Granniss has now been in the service nearly 12 months, and has proved himself a meritorious and highly efficient officer and I have no question that is he could receive the appointment, that he would render valuable service.

He is well drilled, prompt, faithful and of fine habits and it would be a great gratification to his many friends in Macon if he were promoted.

It is true you are not our immediate Representative, but I feel that recommending & urging such an application you would not limit your exertions
[3 words?] in Favor of those of your own District, especially as with to many of our citizens you are better known than our immediate representative, and many of them would apply to you with more confidence of success than to others. I feel anxious to see those who went at first call receive the reward of their promptness and fidelity and I know of no one to upon whom such a favor could be more worthily bestowed than the gentleman I refer to. If you could aid him it will be greatly appreciated by one who appeals to you in his behalf, and who would look to you for aid as confidently as any one in our Delegation.
I am Very Truly
Alex M. Speer
Majr 46 Geo Regt
From Col Robt A. Smith of the 44th Georgia Regiment. Dated 24 March 1862, recommending appointment of Sgt. E. J. Granniss:
Via Fold3.
Macon, Geo. March 24th 1862
I take pleasure in earnestly recommending Sergeant Edward J. Granniss of Company "D," 2nd Georgia Battalion, as highly qualified and competent to fill a commissioned office, and recommend that he be appointed a 2nd Lieutenant in the "1st Georgia Regulars" or any other Regiment in the Confederate States Service.

Sergeant Granniss is well drilled in the School of the Soldier & School of the Company and is an excellent Instructor in both. He has some knowledge of the Battalion drill and during the last eleven months I found Sergeant Grannis to be one of the best instructed and most intelligent non-commissioned office in that Battalion.

He has sustained a moral character for many years and will fill a commissioned office with credit to the country.

Very Respectfully
Robt A. Smith
Col commdg
44th Ga Regiment
Edward J. Granniss received his commissioned office and climbed to the rank of 1st Lieutenant. He was killed little more than a year later, at the age of 22, at the Battle of Gettysburg. He rests in Rose Hill Cemetery at Macon, Bibb County, Georgia.

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