28 March 2013

William R. Cox, a Biographical Sketch

From Memoirs of Georgia, Volume II by The Southern Historical Association, 1895.
Transcribed by S. Lincecum about 2006.

William R. Cox, senior member of the large wholesale grocery firm of Cox & Chappell, Macon, Ga, is a native of the county in which he now resides. He is a son of D. M. Cox, who soon after his birth, April 4, 1843, removed to Houston county. Here William R. came to years of maturity, receiving such education as could be had in the ordinary schools of that period. The war between the states was the first great event of his life, and though but a youth, he did battle bravely for the undying principles of the Confederacy. Mr. Cox enlisted in the First Georgia, in April of 1861, and passed the twelve months of that enlistment in Pensacola, Fla., and in Virginia. Returning to Macon when his enlistment had expired, the company of which he was a member a month later was mustered into the artillery service and joined Ge. Bragg, who was operating in the department of Tennessee. As a corporal of this company Mr. Cox followed it with varying fortune through a large number of important campaigns and it is but just to add that they were looked upon as one of the most efficient and skilled batteries in the western army. Mr. Cox received a slight wound at Perryville, Ky, but otherwise returned from the war unharmed. Perry, Houston Co., was the point at which Mr. Cox made his first business venture, but disposing of his interests there in 1868 he came to Macon, where he began at the bottom round, clerking for several years. He afterward became junior member of the firm of Jacques, Johnson & Cox, wholesale dealers in liquors and cigars. He subsequently established in company with Mr. Corbin the firm of Cox & Corbin, and now handles groceries and provisions exclusively. The domestic life of Mr. Cox has been most felicitous, his home having been presided over since November of 1873 by Lizzie, the accomplished daughter of Col. J. E. Jones, a former president of the Central Georgia bank, and for long years a leading spirit in the business circles of Macon. After his death Mr. Cox purchased the old Jones homestead, one of the mose beautiful residence properties in the city, where he now resides. William R. Cox is a wide-awake business man, and is interested in various business enterprises. He is vice-president of the Central Georgia bank, and a director of the Southwestern railroad. In politics he votes the democratic ticket, is a Methodist in religion, and is an ex-alderman of the city of Macon, and president of the Alexander free school board of that city.

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