17 April 2013

An Important Piece of the Story?

I saw this little news item and thought it might be an important piece to someone's family history, so here it is:

The Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia)
3 February 1910
(Digital image viewed online at Ancestry.)
Savannah, Ga., February 2. -- (Special.) -- Judge Davis Freeman today awarded four of five children to John M. Lubeck, but gave the fifth to Miss Lillie Dotson, their aunt, because the mother of the children before her death had expressed a desire that the eldest child should go to her sister.

Judge Freeman, however, required her to promise that no whisky or gin should be given the boy, as had been done in the past.

After this disposition was made of a case that has run for three days in the city court, two of the smaller children wept bitterly when they learned their father had won them from their aunt, and one little boy ran to a cab that was waiting for them, grasped the whip and announced he would fight before his father should have him. He was pacified.

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