04 June 2010

Follow Friday: Culpepper Connections

Here's a great website to check out and follow if you have any connection to a Culpepper. Lew Griffin and Warren Culpepper have been building this site for more than a decade, and the information contained within is astonishing. From their home page: "Since our inception in 1998, we have had over a thousand Culpeppers provide us with genealogies, other forms of new or corrected information, photographs, biographies, and more."

The latest under their What's New heading is this: "A new version of the Culpepper Family Tree. In our latest periodic update, published April 30, 2010, we added or updated the records for over 1,200 individuals. Our next update will be on or shortly after August 31, 2010."

As for the Georgia connection, the places index indicates ties to over 150 counties in the state. If you have Georgia Culpeppers in your family tree, do yourself a favor and check out Culpepper Connections!, The Culpepper Family History Site.

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