02 June 2010

Hon. Thomas L. Holton, a Biographical Sketch

From Memoirs of Georgia, Volume II by The Southern Historical Association, 1895
Transcribed by S. Lincecum 2004

Hon. Thomas L. HOLTON, judge of the county court of Wilcox county, Abbeville, Ga., and a lawyer of excellent practice and ability, graduated from the state university of Georgia, law department, in 1889, since which time he has been actively engaged at Abbeville. His father, John R. Holton, was a farmer by occupation, and died in 1874. Thomas L. Holton was born Jan. 9, 1867, in Appling county, Ga. Like many of our leading professional men, he passed his boyhood on the farm, receiving the ordinary common school education. He entered the university in 1888 and graduated with honor the following year as stated above. Six years of faithful and painstaking service at the bar have placed Judge Holton in the front rank of his profession. He was appointed judge of the county court Oct. 1, 1893, and holds the office acceptably to both clients and attorneys. Judge Holton took something better than a diploma from Athens, Ga., having carried away one of her fairest daughters, Miss Ida Haudrup. Their nuptials were celebrated in October following his graduation, since which time two lovely children have come to brighten their home: Winnie was born Dec. 22, 1891, and William Cecil, born Nov. 13, 1893. Judge Holton is a stanch democrat.

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