05 June 2010

Photos from Shiloh Cemetery Now Online (via Southern Graves)

[Originally posted at the Southern Graves blog.]

I'm still playing with Picasa's web features and found out I can embed a slideshow into my blog posts. This works well for a small number of photos, as with the case of Shiloh Cemetery. This predominantly African-American burial ground is an old church cemetery located in Henderson, Houston County, Georgia. There are several dated tombstones that likely memorialize former slaves.

This is not a complete survey, but a compilation of photos of some of the older stones and others that simply caught my eye. Surnames include Adkison, Amica, Davis, Hill, Jones, Nix, Riley, Simmons, Sneed, Thompson, Webb, and Williams.

If you are interested in viewing larger images and / or individuals, as well as my commentary, you may go directly to the album here - Shiloh Cemetery.

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