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Ezekiel H. Taylor, a Biographical Sketch

Source: Georgia and Florida Biographies [database on-line].
Original Data from Biographical Souvenir of the States of Georgia and Florida,
Containing Biographical Sketches of the Representative Public, and many
Early Settled Families in These States
. F. A. Battey & Company, 1889.
Transcribed by S. Lincecum 2008.

Ezekiel H. Taylor, physician and surgeon, Hawkinsville, Ga, was born in Pulaski County, October 7, 1826. His parents are Robert N. and Louisa (Taylor) Taylor (no relation). The father was a physician and practiced in Pulaski and adjoining counties for forty years. He was one of the most noted practitioners in that part of Georgia, and no physician in the State did a larger practice. For successive days he has made over $100 a day in Pulaski, Houston, Dooly, Wilcox and Dodge counties. He would go from fifty to 100 miles in a trip, and no man in the State was more beloved than he. He was one of the kindest and most charitable of men, and never made any distinction between rich and poor. His income was never less than fifteen thousand and was sometimes twenty-five thousand dollars a year. He merchandised at Hawkinsville for four or five years (about 1826), and he also owned an interest in some boats on the river. His death occurred in 1852, at the age of fifty-four years, and his wife died in 1837, at the age of thirty years. Their children were: Ezekiel H., Richard deceased at the age of twelve years; Thomas L., died on pneumonia in Macon, at the age of fifty-five years, and Augustus R., died of Bright's disease March, 1887, aged fifty years. Robert N. Taylor's second marriage was to Miss Phillips, by whom he had two children, Louisa and Roberta (the latter dying in 1882, at the age of twenty-two years). The second Mrs. Taylor died in 1879, aged fifty years.

Dr. E. H. Taylor attended four years in the academic course, then graduated at Athens, class of 1845. He went to California March 8, 1849, and there passed two and a half years in the gold regions in company with his father and six others. He had a pleasant time, and has regretted many times since that he did not make that his permanent home. On going he first went to New Orleans, thence to Golgona, thence to Panama, thence to California. Cholera broke out on board the vessel, and his father took it in a malignant form, but recovered. He took calomel treatment prescribed by himself against the protests of the physicians on board. After remaining for a time in Coloma, they moved to American river, went into camp at Middle fork, and remained there about two years. They came home in 1851. Our subject attended medical college in the University of New York, graduated in 1852, and began practice at once. He opened out in Hawkinsville, where he remained for five years; then lived in Thomas County for six years; thence went to Laurens County, remained there for 1861 to 1880, then returned to Hawkinsville, and has since been practicing there with very good success. During the war he was county physician on the county board and was not in the service. He was married July 13, 1853, to Miss Sarah A., daughter of Pleasant G. Stone, of Dooly County. Their children are: Robert J., Henry E., Ezekiel, Eugenia and Augustus L. Robert J. is in the drug business in Hawkinsville, Ga; his first wife was Fannie Dillon (died in 1884); his second marriage was to Miss Mary Pate, daughter of Maj. John Pate, of Hawkinsville. Henry E. is in the shoe business at Brunswick, and is the consort of Miss Belle Davis, of Macon. Ezekiel, in merchandising at Hawkinsville, is the consort of Miss Mattie Ferguson of that place. Eugenia is a successful teacher of drawing and painting. Augustus L. is clerking in the drug store. Our subject is a member of the Masonic order, also of the I. O. O. F. He is a good physician, stands first-class in his profession, and is much respected by a large and increasing circle of acquaintances. Both parents are members of the Baptist Church, and the children all are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Our subject's mother's father was Hon. Ezekiel Taylor, who by occupation was a farmer, but had served in the legislature many years. He was well and favorable known throughout the State.

James F. Nelson, a Biographical Sketch

Source: Georgia and Florida Biographies [database on-line].
Original Data from Biographical Souvenir of the States of Georgia and Florida,
Containing Biographical Sketches of the Representative Public, and many
Early Settled Families in These States
. F. A. Battey & Company, 1889.
Transcribed by S. Lincecum 2006.

James F. Nelson was born in Twiggs County, Ga, August 30, 1833. His family is of English extraction, being related to the late Lord Nelson, who fought and put to rout "all the might of Denmark's crown." His grandfather was a native of Virginia, but settled with his family at an early day in Georgia. Alfred Nelson was our subject's father. He was born in Virginia, but reared in Georgia, where he was a planter all his life. Mr. Nelson's mother was a Miss Jenkins before marriage, her christian name Mary, and she was a daughter of William Jenkins, a successful planter of Houston County, Ga. His brothers and sisters are: John Nelson, planter of Pulaski County, Ga; Martin, a lumberman of Houston County, Ga; Margaret, wife of N. C. Greer, of Brunswick, Ga; Rebecca M., wife of Columbus Mitchell, sheriff of Wilcox County, Ga; Caroline S., wife of Columbus; Murray, a planter of Coffee County, Ga; Fannie Pugh, widow. Mr. Nelson received a common-school education in Perry, Houston County, Ga, and finished by taking an academical course at Holly Springs, Ga. On quitting the latter place he began teaching, and followed this successfully for a number of years, first in Houston County then at Midway, and then at Dawson. He gave up teaching in 1868, and embarked in the general mercantile business, which he followed for one year at Dawson, and moved in 1870 to Brunswick, Ga, where he continued in the same business for the period of twelve years. At the end of that time he closed out his mercantile interests and in connection with his sons built the Ocean Hotel at that place, then the largest hotel in the city. He was interested in the management of this house for some time, but afterward sold out, and, on account of his failing health, moved to Florida and located in Orlando. During his residence in Brunswick he was for six years an alderman of the city, for four years mayor, and for five years clerk and treasurer, and on leaving there the city council presented him with a beautiful golden crowned staff in grateful remembrance of his faithful services while filling these various offices. Mr. Nelson married Miss Martha Ann Summerford, daughter of William Summerford, planter of Dooly County, Ga. To this union have been born four children: Annie May, wife of H. H. Dickson, of Orlando, Fla; Eugene A., of Brunswick, Ga,...; James F., Jr., conductor on the B. & W. R.R., and William H., in the printing business in New York city. Mr. Nelson is a Mason and a zealous member of the Baptist Church.

Wilcox County Deaths

Compiled by Stephanie Lincecum
Last Update: 2004

AKINS, Mrs. SarahOctober 1876-
ALLEN, James W.22 July 194673
ALLEN, Susie17 March 195152
ANDERSON, Adam7 August 194858
ANDERSON, Willie W.26 January 195267
ARMOUR, James26 February 195155
ASH, Thomas C.29 April 194968
AUSTIN, Lula3 November 194780
BAKER, Minnie L.12 January 195278
BAKER, William H.26 July 195076
BALL, Patsy L.13 August 194681
BANKS, Frank31 October 195269
BANKS, Wes2 March 194867
BAREFOOT, John P.1 April 195180
BARFIELD, Charlie M.6 January 194871
BARKER, Carrie30 August 194854
BARNES, Jane4 December 195290
BATTLE, Charlie3 December 194768
BEALL, William R.22 November 195077
BENNETT, Ida E.23 October 194871
BENNETT, Walter A.19 March 195081
BENTON, Archie26 January 195068
BETTINGFIELD, Henry25 August 194650
BISHOP, William5 January 194773
BIVINS, Addie14 February 194851
BLIZARD, William C.7 June 194658
BOHANNON, Robert L.20 October 194781
BOSWELL, Maggie J.25 February 195169
BOWMAN, Emma F.23 May 195275
BOZEMAN, Ella8 August 194794
BRAZIEL, Lula W.21 October 194978
BRAZIEL, Robert G.20 December 194980
BRITT, Fannie21 August 195260
BROWN, Gussie26 February 194856
BROWN, Henry L.5 april 195156
BROWN, Launa F.9 April 194971
BROWN, Madison D.11 July 194888
BROWNLEE, Leonia H.28 August 194961
BUICE, Abraham27 March 195163
BULLINGTON, Annie L.12 March 194955
BULLINGTON, David O.12 May 194957
BURCH, Sallie10 May 194864
CALDWELL, Julia W.12 October 194871
CALEY, Sallie30 September 195071
CALHOUN, Eddie11 March 194867
CALHOUN, John T.18 December 194977
CANADY, William K.21 October 194774
CANNON, Lola W.26 July 195180
CATO, Martha E.12 January 195180
CHANCELLOR, Nancy16 January 194877
CHAPMAN, William S.29 August 195194
CLARK, Ruth L.30 April 194973
COLEMAN, Jane W.4 July 194992
COLEMAN, John R.18 April 195068
COLEMAN, Robert L.3 August 194963
COLEY, Lillie D.8 November 195077
CONEY, Cefus2 March 194958
CONGRESS, Julia13 August 194862
CONNER, Norman M.24 March 195081
COOK, John B.6 July 195181
COOKS, Fannie29 October 195272
CRENSHAW, Martha M.24 May 194771
CROMER, James O.30 July 195076
CROSBY, Leila19 January 194872
CROUCH, Thomas C.18 May 195267
CROZIER, Vinnie C.1 March 194974
CRUMBLEY, Robert L.5 February 194671
CURRY, Berry2 May 194976
DANIEL, Georgia A.24 June 194649
DANIELS, James S.21 January 194874
DANIELS, Rosa30 June 194868
DAVIS, Julia20 July 194851
DELOACH, Eva C.2 December 195071
DENMARK, Will22 August 194854
DORSEY, Amelia P.16 October 195182
DOSTER, Calvin12 June 194873
DOSTER, M. G.10 May 195067
DOWDY, Winnie W.27 November 194776
DOZIER, Martha28 May 194684
DREW, Bryant H.23 May 194767
DUNAWAY, Eugene P.22 November 195079
ELLIS, S. B.8 October 194964
FAIR, George2 February 194964
FAIRCLOTH, Henry25 February 194697
FAIRCLOTH, James M.19 May 195085
FITZGERALD, John P.29 April 195265
FORD, Reuben T.15 June 194964
FOREMAN, Mary30 May 194752
FULLER, Caroline28 July 194870
FULLER, Esop31 January 194756
FULLER, Eva4 May 194658
FULLER, Jane T.25 July 195272
FULLER, Otis W.2 September 194967
FULLER, S. O.7 April 195058
GAMMAGE, James W.24 August 194770
GASTON, John M.24 August 194986
GIBBS, Jane9 June 194890
GINN, John R.14 October 195267
GINN, William A.30 December 195172
GOOLSBY, Mattie W.15 March 194776
GORDY, John B.24 June 194878
GORDY, Safronia6 April 194871
GRANT, Annie21 May 195284
GRANTHAM, Henry5 December 194674
GREEN, John M.13 August 194771
GRIFFIN, Lathia T.8 December 194757
GRIFFIN, Neal25 February 195174
GRIFFIN, Thomas C.25 February 195174
GUEST, Ida H.15 April 194974
GUNTER, Pauline H.29 March 194649
HAGGINS, Dave18 January 194887
HAMILTON, Malachi12 May 194957
HANCOCK, Annie6 January 194869
HARDIN, George E.27 June 194765
HARRIS, Lizzie9 June 194648
HARTSFIELD, Rebecca A.28 June 194772
HAWKINS, Leslie H.16 August 195266
HENDERSON, William H.7 June 194973
HIGHSMITH, John C.6 August 194752
HOLLINGSWORTH, Virgil O.29 April 194858
HOWELL, Henry D.15 January 195074
JACKSON, Ammie26 September 195269
JACKSON, Eliza27 October 194896
JACKSON, Irvin12 July 194951
JOHNSON, Ed12 February 195087
JOHNSON, George11 August 195081
JOHNSON, Jack9 November 194756
JOHNSON, William10 January 194774
JONES, Alice J.18 November 195174
JONES, Carrie28 October 194880
JONES, John2 March 195055
JONES, Sallie31 May 195183
JORDAN, Martha C.30 May 195080
KEEN, J. P.12 October 194875
KENNY, William L.12 May 194681
KENNEDY, William21 October 194774
LAGRIER, W. Jr.17 February 195158
LANE, Carrie2 September 194967
LANE, Ed13 January 194871
LASTER, Leonard L.27 August 194977
LOCKETT, Frank25 April 194856
LOLLIS, Dock L.6 October 195279
LONDON, Mattie11 January 194759
LOVE, Mandy10 October 194954
MASSEY, Nancy H.27 November 195273
MATHIS, Annie B.21 October 195168
MCALLISTER, Portia C.17 October 194685
MCBURROWS, James29 February 195278
MCBURROWS, Sam8 May 195273
MCCULLARS, John W.7 June 195182
MCCULLARS, Thomas H.27 July 195257
MCDUFFIE, John T.12 November 194954
MCLEMORE, Enoch D.30 September 194972
MCLEOD, John H.9 May 195256
MILLER, Henry23 April 194861
MILLER, William B.25 August 194777
MITCHELL, Hattie P.2 December 194972
MIXON, James W.20 August 195274
MUNFORD, Mattie1 February 195060
NANCE, James F.19 December 195068
NAZWORTH, Ambrose18 December 194977
NAZWORTH, Sallie M.5 May 195080
NEWBERRY, George23 November 195073
NICKLES, Pete30 June 194960
OGILVIE, William H.30 April 194869
OUTLAW, Thomas J.6 March 194776
OWENS, John H.10 November 194778
OWENS, John R.25 April 195270
OWENS, Nelly J.29 September 195282
OWENS, Rosa G.21 July 195086
OWENS, William B.16 May 194886
PARKER, Jacob P.26 August 195066
PARKERSON, Austin H.8 January 195160
PEACOCK, Martha10 September 194872
PEAVY, Frances W.10 April 195267
PENN, Hamp W.11 December 195064
PHILLIPS, Minnie14 April 195055
PHILLIPS, William L.30 December 195158
PLAIR, Marie18 September 194857
POLIC, Sallie L.19 June 194885
POSEY, J. B.27 February 194673
POSEY, Viola E.5 November 195264
QUATTLEBAUM, Elizabeth24 June 195275
QUATTLEBAUM, Henry G.9 December 194875
REDDING, Jordan Jr.9 October 194858
REDMAN, Sam5 October 195263
REEVES, Mamie19 November 194862
REEVES, Mary E.23 January 194780
REID, Ruth H.13 September 194966
RHODES, Ella M.27 May 194875
RICHEY, Andrew J.6 January 194768
ROWLAND, Albert T.31 October 194952
SANDERS, Sallie15 March 194962
SETTLES, Edward C.12 September 194786
SHEDD, John H.26 November 194992
SHEDD, Rosalee H.22 April 195174
SHELLEY, Beatrice19 July 194858
SLADE, William C.25 May 194668
SMITH, C.22 October 194954
SMITH, Georgia H.25 October 195268
SMITH, Hattie13 September 194964
SMITH, James H.20 April 195266
SMITH, Noah T.30 May 195065
SMITH, Samuel G.8 July 194761
SPEARS, Charles E.19 November 195153
STANDRIDGE, James B.18 March 194972
STANTON, Robert E.19 February 195283
STOKES, Rosa25 March 194658
STUBBS, Mamie L.5 March 194972
STUDSTILL, John8 July 194951
SUTTON, Daniel T.27 November 194796
TAYLOR, Andrew J.25 May 195297
TAYLOR, Hattie20 August 194864
TAYLOR, Mary D.27 March 194876
TAYLOR, Thomas P.1 June 194659
THOMAS, Rena10 September 194772
TOMBERLIN, Sara Y.23 March 194886
TROUTMAN, Rachael22 October 194951
TURNER, Vance11 July 194950
WALKER, Ada L.4 October 195075
WALLACE, Andrew B.17 January 195157
WALLACE, Ella J.9 October 195158
WALTERS, Sallie B.19 December 195188
WARREN, James A.3 April 194648
WARREN, Lucinda M.9 February 195293
WASHINGTON, Della12 April 194870
WATSON, Charlie M.3 December 194760
WAY, Mary18 March 194680
WEBB, Jessie L.20 July 195182
WHITAKER, John I.18 March 195069
WHITE, Junior H.7 September 195063
WHITFIELD, Alma I.28 April 194864
WHITTLE, Mary E.1 September 194663
WIGGINS, Idella S.29 August 194852
WILCOX, Dennis3 February 194857
WILCOX, Willis14 January 195160
WILKERSON, William H.23 December 195187
WILLIAMS, Sam30 September 195162
WOOD, Naldo H.13 December 194873
WRIGHT, Florida16 February 195253
WRIGHT, Lilly M.20 April 194976
WRIGHT, T. C.14 December 195064
WRIGHT, W. W.12 June 195276
YOUNGBLOOD, Elizabeth22 September 195156