19 August 2010

Daniel H. Adams, a Biographical Sketch

Source: Georgia and Florida Biographies [database on-line].
Original Data from Biographical Souvenir of the States of Georgia and Florida,
Containing Biographical Sketches of the Representative Public, and many
Early Settled Families in These States
. F. A. Battey & Company, 1889.
Transcribed by S. Lincecum 2005.

Daniel H. Adams, clerk of the superior court, Macon circuit, Bibb County, Ga, was born in Twiggs County, that State, January 28, 1834. His father, Daniel Adams, a native of South Carolina and a son of John Adams of North Carolina, was born November 23, 1801, moved to Alabama in 1822, and in 1824 settled in Twiggs County, Ga, was one of its largest planters, and there died in October, 1880. The mother of our subject, Mrs. V. Adams, was born in Washington County, Ga, in 1805, and was a daughter of Ephraim Ellis, who was a planter from Maryland. To Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Adams were born eight children, of whom five were reared to maturity, as follows: Obadiah F., E. Bennett, Daniel H., Robert R. and George B.; three girls died in infancy. Daniel H. Adams, at the age of ten years, was taken from Twiggs to Houston County, where he was educated, going to the academy of Professor James Dunham for seven years, and to that of Prof. Henry Hudson two years. At the age of eighteen he commenced clerking in the store of Lightfoot & Flanders, remaining from 1852 until 1863; he was then employed by the Confederate Government as cotton shipping clerk, in which capacity he served until the close of hostilities in 1865. He then became connected with the firm of McGrath & Patterson, at Macon, with whom he remained one year, when he began speculating in cotton, etc., operating another year. In the spring of 1868 he returned to the old firm, which had changed its style to D. Flanders & Son, with whom he remained until May, 1885, at which time he became deputy clerk, which position he filled until August, 1886, when he was elected clerk proper, and is the present incumbent of the office. During all these years of clerking, for twenty-eight years he was also a magistrate. July 8, 1857, he married Miss Helen E. Snow, of New York City, and has been blessed with a family of eight children, born in the following order: Fannie, William H., Julia, Daniel E., Charles B., Laura, Mollie and an infant not named at the time of this writing. Mr. Adams is a Knight of the Golden Rule, and his wife of the Episcopal Church.

13 August 2010

David C. Adams, a Biographical Sketch

Source: Georgia and Florida Biographies [database on-line].  Original Data from Biographical Souvenir of the States of Georgia and Florida, Containing Biographical Sketches of the Representative Public, and many Early Settled Families in These States. F. A. Battey & Company, 1889.  Transcribed by S. Lincecum 2005.

David C. Adams, merchant and banker at Fort Gaines, Ga, was born in Pulaski County, same state, February 5, 1834. His father, Thomas Adams, was born in North Carolina, was a mechanic, moved to Georgia and died in Hawkinsville in 1836. His wife, Charity (Goff) Adams, bore him three children, of whom David C. is the eldest. The latter was reared in Houston County, Ga, on a farm, and educated in the common schools. In 1852 he went to Randolph County, Ga, and commenced clerking in Cuthbert, and in 1856 he removed to Fort Gaines in Clay County, and engaged in farming. In 1864 he joined the Confederate service as lieutenant in Company E, in Smith's Brigade, and served until the close of the war. He then commenced the livery business in Fort Gaines, but in 1869 he sold out and commenced a mercantile business on a small scale, which has steadily grown, and he now has the largest business house in Fort Gaines. He is considered to be the wealthiest man in Clay County, and his wealth has been gained within the last 25 years. March 5, 1855, he married Miss Emily Cone, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Peterson) Cone, of Cuthbert, Ga. To this union have been born four children, viz: Sarah A., Edward, Ross L., and Frank B. Mrs. Emily Adams died January 1, 1883, and September 17, 1884, Mr. Adams married Miss Lucy Wood, daughter of William Wood, of Henry County, Ala. To this union have been born two children, viz: Lucile and David C. Jr. Mr. Adams is a bright Mason, a member of the Baptist Church, and in politics is a Democrat.


12 August 2010

Georgia Lunatic Asylum Patients from Bibb & Houston Counties

Georgia Lunatic Asylum
Central State Hospital
at Milledgeville, Georgia

Patients from Bibb County, Georgia, 1853-1870

Source: Georgia Black Book: Morbid, Macabre and Disgusting Records of Genealogical Value

ALLEN, Nancy
BUTTS, Mrs. Louisa
CARR, Lucinda
CAWLEY, Miss Shady A.
CORBIN, Mrs. Parthena
DOYLE, Patrick
GARMAN, Miss Sarah
GAVAN, Eugene
HARRIS, Mrs. Anice J.
HIGGINS, Michael
HOLT, Iverson F.
IVERSON, Mrs. Mary P.
JOHNSON, Mary Jane
JONES, Polly
KRAATZ, Amanda
LINDSAY, Mrs. Mary Ann
NEESE, Rev. James L.
PASSMORE, Mrs. Henrietta A.
RICHARDS, Isabella H.
SIMPSON, Martha E.
SIMS, Miss Susan W.
THOMPSON, Mrs. Isabella
WARD, Julia
WARNER, Frances W.

Patients from Houston County, Georgia, 1853-1870

[Same source as above.]

ALDEN, Joseph Lumpkin
BUSBAY, Benjamin
BUSBAY, Joseph
BUSBY, Thomas
CARSWELL, Miss Penelope T.
COLEMAN, Dr. Francis C.
GRANT, Mrs. Louisa
GUNN, Miss Julia M.
MCGEHEE, Dr. Edward T.
RIGBY, Sarah Jane
THOMPSON, William H.

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08 August 2010

Christopher C. Anderson, a Biographical Sketch

Source: Georgia and Florida Biographies [database on-line].
Original Data from Biographical Souvenir of the States of Georgia and Florida,
Containing Biographical Sketches of the Representative Public, and many
Early Settled Families in These States
. F. A. Battey & Company, 1889.
Transcribed by S. Lincecum 2005.

Christopher C. Anderson, civil engineer, Hawkinsville, was born January 7, 1840, in Twiggs County, Ga. His parents are Thomas W. and Susan (Roach) Anderson. Susan Roach was native of Georgia. Thomas W. was born in St. Augustine during the Spanish occupation of that colony. The children born to these parents were three: George, Susan F., wife of J. M. Gatewood, living in Albany, Ga, and Christopher C. Our subject was one of forty-three who graduated at Mercer College while the same was located at Penfield, class of 1861. He enlisted in the Sixth Georgia Regiment of Infantry, Twiggs Guards. Later he served in Blunt's battalion of Light Artillery. He saw service in twenty-eight pitched battles, besides skirmishes. Twenty-six years ago this day, he heard the first bomb shell, and saw the first Yankee soldier. The sound of that shell was music, sweet music to his ears. He had been lying idle so long and drilling he was anxious to get to business; but before the war closed the sound of that death-dealing instrument had lost its charms. That same night he saw for the first time a limb amputated. The different battles in the order of their occurrence were as follows: Siege of Yorktown, Williamsburg, Seven Pines, Mechanicsville, Cold Harbor, Savage Station, White Oak Swamp, Malvern Hill, Boonsboro or South Mountain, Sharpsburg or Antietam (in his opinion the hardest fought battle of the war), Fredericksburg, and again under General Hooker, Wilderness, Cancellorsville, Battery Wagoner, Fort Sumter siege, James Island, Ocean Pond, Petersburg, Drury's Bluff, Cold Harbor (June 1, 1864), same June 3, Petersburg (June 16), same June 28, Petersburg blow-up (July 31), (April 7, 1863), Petersburg, same April 2. He surrendered at Appomattox. At Ocean Pond was shot in the side and returned home on sixty days' furlough. At Petersburg was wounded twice, not seriously. He was never taken prisoner, and his general health was splendid. The war closing, he taught school one year, then went to civil engineering, in which he has been quite successfully engaged ever since. He was married December 13, 1865 to Miss Laura, daughter of Joseph and Mary J. (Johnson) Tooke, of Houston County. Seven times has their home been made happy in the birth of children, as follows: Charles E., on the telegraph corps at Macon; Lela, Thomas W., Payton, Marie L., Alma and Julia. Mrs. Anderson is a member of the Baptist and her husband a member of the Episcopal Church.