18 April 2015

Walter T. Colquitt, by Lucian Lamar Knight

Walter T. Colquitt
[Wikimedia Commons]
The following is a sketch of Walter T. Colquitt, namesake of Colquitt County, as penned by Lucian Lamar Knight for his 1914 publication, Georgia's Landmarks, Memorials and Legends:
Judge Walter T. Colquitt was one of the most brilliantly gifted of Georgia's ante-bellum statesman. As an orator his achievements on the hustings have rarely been excelled; he was also a minister of the gospel and a jurist of high rank; and by reason of his prestige as a popular leader he was elected to a seat in the Senate of the United States. Judge Colquitt came of English stock and was born in Halifax County, Va., on December 27, 1799. His boyhood days were spent in Hancock County, Ga., whither his parent removed and he received his education in the famous academy at Mt. Zion. Later he located in Columbus, where he continued to reside until his death. He was twice elected to Congress as a Whig; but, on the nomination of William Henry Harrison, he gave his support to Van Buren, the nominee of the Democrats. Notwithstanding this change of fronts -- the result of deliberate conviction -- he was soon thereafter elected to the United States Senate, where his power as an advocate was most distinctly felt; but he resigned his seat in 1848, taking no further part in politics. Judge Colquitt died at his home in Columbus, while in the meridian of life, at the age of fifty-six. He is buried in Linnwood [sic] Cemetery, on the Jeter lot, where his grave is unmarked. Judge Colquitt was three times married. Of his children -- Alfred H. Colquitt, "the hero of Olustee," became a Major-General in the Confederate Army, Governor of Georgia, and United States Senator; while Peyton H. Colquitt was killed at the head of his regiment while leading a gallant charge, in the Battle of Chickamauga, in 1863.
Judge Colquitt's son Peyton was also interred at Linwood Cemetery. I have posted about him at the Southern Graves blog.

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