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About Me
Several years ago, I was a county coordinator of many Georgia counties for the American History & Genealogy Project, as well as the USGenWeb project. I gave up those positions some time ago, but have not removed the information I gathered and others donated to the projects / websites.

I intend to gather all the information and resources and post them here. Slowly, but surely, those websites will finally be deleted. Items that are much bigger than a blog post can handle will be housed in the genealogy subdirectory of my main website, Southern Graves. (I discovered my passion to be cemeteries and cemetery research, but every now and again I come across something of general genealogical and/or historical value I would like to share. This blog is my new repository.)

I may or may not keep everything that was donated to the projects by others. If I post something donated by anyone other than myself, I will note it as such. If you find you were the one who donated the information, and do not wish to see it here, please note your request for its removal in a comment to the appropriate post. I am notified by email of each new comment, and will then withdraw the material as soon as possible.

I also intend to include links to other resources (websites, books, databases, etc,...) that may help with genealogy and history research in the state of Georgia.

Thanks so much for welcoming this new blog into the geneablogger community! I hope it will be a valuable resource to many.